Cara Download E-Book from tanpa twitter

Mohon Ijin terlebih dahulu terhadap Ketua Komunitas Bapak

Selamat Malam,

Komunitas adalah sebuah komunitas tentang Cloud Computing.

Komunitas yang didirikan oleh

Saya sudah membaca e-book yang tersedia di

Ada juga komentar dari pengunjung situs yang bermasalah dengan twitter.

Adapun maksud dan tujuan agar pakai tweetandgetit adalah agar teman – teman yang mau mendownload e-book dimaksud dapat memberitahukan kepada teman – teman yang lain tentang buku pelajarana yang sangat berguna tersebut ke teman – teman yang lain.

Untuk itu segera buat account tweeter anda segera.

Untuk itu, halaman ini bertujuan untuk membantu teman – teman yang mau belajar e-book dari situs tetapi tidak memiliki account twitter.

Tapi hari begini tidak punya account twitter, apa kata dunia 😀

Cara yang dapat dilakukan untuk mendapatkan e-book adalah :

1. buka browser yang anda punya.

2. masuk ke situs Google :

3. masukkan keyword : “filetype:pdf”

keyword : adalah kata kunci untuk pencarian

filetype : adalah jenis file yang ingin dicari

site : adalah situs tempat file berada

4. akan terdapat banyak e-book pdf yang dapat dibaca oleh teman – teman sekalian.

Apabila ada kesalahan dalam penulisan ini, mohon untuk dapat dikoreksi.




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Free Online Courses and Education

Sumber :

Setelah cari mencari di Google ada juga situs yang menyimpan link tentang free online course.

keyword di google : “free online course”

situs web dimaksud adalah situs alamat sumber di atas dengan kumpulan link sebagai berikut :

Free Online Courses and Education

10 Colleges and Universities with Free Online Liberal Studies Courses

Liberal studies courses can cover topics in fields such as literature, history and philosophy. Below is a list of universities offering free online courses in these areas.

10 Great Sources for Financial Education on the Web

Finances play a large portion in modern life, from taxes, home and auto payments to retirement plans and life insurance. Here are some great sources to learn about personal financial matters that are available online and free of charge.

10 Places to Find Free Computer Networking Tutorials on the Web

Whether you’re a homeowner hoping to install a simple wireless networking system for your family or the networking specialist at an up-and-coming firm, you’d better know a thing or two about computer networks. Read below to find a list of…

10 Places to Find Free Marketing Courses Online

Marketing can be any way in which entrepreneurs and businesses seek to inform potential customers about their products. Here are some great free online resources to learn about marketing.

10 Places to Get a Free Business Education Online

Getting a business education doesn’t have to be expensive. An increasing number of colleges, universities and even nonprofit organizations offer free business courses online. Find out how you can sign up for these courses and what you can get…

10 Sites to Find Free Graphic Design Courses Online

You don’t need a degree to become a graphic designer, but a little bit of training won’t hurt. Read on to find out where you can get graphic design lessons and tutorials free of charge.

10 Sources for Free Computer Programming Courses Online

Looking to learn more about computer programming? Here is a list of sites that offer free computer programming courses online.

10 Sources for Free Online Music Courses

Are you interested in taking free music courses online? If you are, then read on to learn about the colleges, universities and other educational websites that offer a selection of free classes on a variety of musical topics. You may find free…

10 Sources for Free Online Technology Courses

Students interested in learning about new technology can access free online courses through schools’ OpenCourseWare programs. Course topics may be intended for inexperienced or experienced users and may be found at schools like Massachusetts…

10 Universities Offering Free Science Courses Online

Many universities have opened their online archives of previously taught science course material to the public for free. OpenCourseWare (OCW) websites from these universities provide easy access to course content such as lecture notes,…

10 Universities Offering Free Writing Courses Online

Whether you’re currently writing professionally or still looking to break into the field, formal writing courses can help you hone your skills. If you don’t have the money or the time for campus-based courses, there are plenty of universities…

10 Websites Offering Free Online Teacher Education

Many universities and nonprofit organizations offer free, online education courses for amateur instructors, aspiring teachers and licensed educators. Topics of study can range from early childhood care and instructional design to music and…

5 Places to Get a Free Criminal Justice Education Online

Students interested in learning about the field of criminal justice can check out the free online courses offered by the following five schools. These courses touch on law enforcement, sociology, criminology and other aspects of criminal justice.

5 Resources for Free Reading and Adult Literacy Education Online

Free online reading and adult literacy education is available through many schools and organizations. There content spans many educational needs, like learning to read and speaking English. Read below to discover five free online reading and…

5 Sources for Free Astronomy Education Online

If you’re interested in the study of the planets, stars, galaxies and space, there are many free online courses available in astronomy from various universities and organizations. Check out these five sources offering free astronomy courses.

5 Sources for Free Computer Technology Education Online

Computer technology, often studied in computer science programs, looks at the fundamental structure and thought behind computing systems and technology. Presented here are five free online sources to learn more about this field.

5 Sources for Free Greek Philosophy Education Online

Many universities provide the Internet community with free access to their OpenCourseWare (OCW) programs or other online course materials. People interested in studying Greek philosophy can choose from a variety of self-directed learning…

5 Universities Offering Free Engineering Courses Online

Free engineering courses are a wonderful way to broaden your knowledge of engineering disciplines. Here is a list of five top universities that offer free engineering instruction online.

5 Universities Offering Free Health Courses Online

Universities around the country have compiled extensive archives of data from previously taught health courses. Online learners can browse reading lists, assignments, lectures and other study materials for free. There are no credits granted for…

5 Universities Offering Free Hospitality and Service Management Education Online

Hospitality and service management requires in-depth knowledge of managerial roles, the hospitality industry and business; even topics like social psychology are useful, since this field involves so much interaction with clients, guests and…

5 Universities Offering Free Theology and World Religions Courses Online

Online course materials from theology and world religion courses are available freely through several college or university OpenCourseWare (OCW) programs. Notre Dame University, Utah State University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology,…

5 Universities with Free Online Electrical Engineering Courses

Free online electrical engineering courses can cover topics ranging from circuit design and probability theory to mathematical operations and product testing. Read on to learn about five universities offering these OpenCourseWare (OCW) classes.

7 Great Sources for Free Environmental Management Courses Online

If you want to learn more about environmental management, but don’t have the money for pricey campus-based courses, you may want to consider looking online. Some of the world’s top universities and environmental agencies are now offering free…

7 Universities and Websites Offering Free Business Entrepreneurship Courses Online

Entrepreneurs are dedicated, hardworking people committed to starting and running their own businesses. Here are seven different sources for free online courses and materials for new entrepreneurs.

7 Universities Offering Free Natural Sciences Courses Online

Studying natural sciences, including chemistry, physics, astronomy and biology, can offer scientific knowledge of the world. Here are seven universities that offer free introductory and advanced courses in these fields.

7 Universities Providing Access to Free Literature Courses Online

Free online literature courses provide a venue for learners to explore new reading genres or learn the methods of a critical text analysis. The following universities have compiled an archive of course materials for classes that have been…

7 Universities with Free Online Biology Courses

Independent learners seeking free online biology courses can find course materials available on university websites. OpenCourseWare (OCW) from institutions such as Yale University and Tufts University allow the public to browse the class…

8 Colleges and Universities Offering Free Accounting Courses Online

Looking to expand your knowledge of accounting? Here’s a list of colleges and universities that offer free, high quality accounting courses online.

8 Free Game Design and Development Courses and Resources Online

Game design and development encompasses a variety of fields, such as graphic design, mathematics and computer engineering. Learn more about free online courses in these areas from colleges and universities across the country.

8 Sources for Free Online Software Tutorials

Software incorporates the many programs used on different types of computer hardware. Online software tutorials can be found for beginner and advanced users.

Colleges and Universities Offering Free History Courses Online

The list of free online courses available online is as extensive as the timeline of our world’s history. Many universities have compiled course materials from previously taught history classes on OpenCourseWare (OCW) websites. No registration or…

Colleges and Universities that Offer Free Courses Online

In recent years, many colleges and universities have decided to make course materials such as lectures, tests, notes and readings available for free on the Internet. These schools, which include world-class institutions like MIT and UC Berkeley,…

Free Foreign Language Courses Online

In the ever-globalizing world, students seek out foreign language learning resources for business, travel, artistic and other reasons. A plethora of OpenCourseWare (OCW) material covering foreign languages is offered through MIT, though The Open…

Free Oil Painting Instruction and Courses

There are a few websites that offer free oil painting instruction and courses. These sites are free to use, and both beginning and advanced oil painters can benefit from the instructional information. Available information ranges from video…

Free Online Appraiser Licensing Exam Preparation Information: Where to Find

Becoming a real estate appraiser is an extensive process, and free online resources can help. Sites may offer mock exams and quizzes or provide lectures to enhance student knowledge of the real estate business.

Free Online Classes and Courses for Aspiring Forensic Scientists

Coursework needed to complete a forensic science degree program includes subjects like biochemistry, forensic biology and human pathology. The free online forensic science courses listed in this article are made available by the OpenCourseWare…

Free Online Literary Theory Courses: Where Can I Find Them?

Online learners can study major ideas and thinkers in literary theory with course materials available for free through colleges and universities’ OpenCourseWare (OCW) programs. These classes are available at Massachusetts Institute of Technology,…

Free Web Design Courses Online

Free web design courses can give you all the training you need to design websites for fun and profit. Find out which courses are worth checking out and what you can get out of each with this list of free web design courses online.

Learn Linux Programming for Free Online: List of Free Learning Options

Students interested in learning Linux programming online for free may find self-study tutorials available through the University of California – Davis, the University of Surrey and the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya useful. Most learning…

Learn Payroll Accounting for Free Online

Students interested in careers in payroll accounting, or those curious about how payroll accounting works, can learn the basics online for free. Most tutorials explain accounting terminology to those without a educational background in finance,…

Learn Stenography for Free Online: List of Free Stenography Courses and Education Materials

Stenography is often referred to as shorthand. There are three basic types of stenography, which include Pitman, Teeline and Gregg. This article discusses free online stenography courses that cover each of the three major stenography types.

List of Free Audio Engineering Courses and Classes

Audio engineering deals with recording, mixing and producing music and other forms of audio. Online courses in audio engineering are offered by colleges and universities free, but students who complete the courses do not receive credits.

List of Free Cognitive Psychology Courses and Classes

Cognitive psychologists study how people think, speak, remember and process information. Many of the free online courses in the field of cognitive psychology are available from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) through its…

List of Free Computerized Accounting Courses and Training Programs

Several colleges and universities offer free computerized accounting courses and programs. The courses provide information on accounting practices including accounting process, taxes, financial statements and more. The MIT (Massachusetts…

List of Free Continuing Education (CME) Courses in Nuclear Medicine

Nuclear medicine a branch of medical imaging that specifically uses radioactivity as a diagnostic tool. Since continuing medical education courses grant credits, students will not find them free online. However, non-credit courses in nuclear…

List of Free English Composition Courses and Classes

Many colleges and universities offer free online courses; however, they do not award college credit. They make available a variety of resources and materials that were used in actual classes on-campus. These materials include lecture notes,…

List of Free Environmental Studies Courses and Training Programs

An environmental studies concentration explores relationships between people and the environment. Students of environmental studies focus on changes in the environment and consider the impact of humans and communities on these changes. Due to the…

List of Free Fiction Writing Courses and Classes

Many colleges and universities offer free fiction writing courses and classes online. However, courses do not award credits or grant credentials. Courses are simply for the public to learn about a topic that interests them on their own time.

List of Free Freight Broker Training Programs and Courses

Freight brokers act as liaisons between freighting companies and the businesses those companies ship products for. They help both parties come to price agreements and ensure that the shipper is charging the correct rate for the weight of the…

List of Free Grant Writing Courses and Training Programs

Students interested free classes and training opportunities in grant writing can study through OpenCourseWare and North Carolina Center for Public Health. Grant writing is usually part of the syllabus for courses in social and applied sciences….

List of Free Guitar Courses and Lessons

Free guitar lessons and classes are available by a few major guitar manufacturing companies. These video tutorials are available in a variety of different topics and genres for multiple skill levels. There are options to appeal to guitar players…

List of Free Human Services Classes and Courses

Students interested in learning more about public or private human services can take free courses through OpenCourseWare programs at MIT, UMass Boston, Utah State University and Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. These may be…

List of Free Language Therapy Courses for Teachers

Language and speech therapy is used in the treatment of speech disorders in children and adults. Disorders range from pronunciation problems to difficulty putting words together in sentences. There are a number of free online courses available…

List of Free Linguistics Courses and Classes

Many colleges and universities offer free online linguistic classes. These classes do not award grades, credentials or certification. They offer class materials and lectures free for public use. There are no prerequisite courses, but some classes…

List of Free Medical Assistant Courses and Education

As a medical assistant, it is important to have a comprehensive understanding of all medical procedures and practices. There are many free courses, lessons and resources available online for the aspiring medical assistant through OpenCourseWare,…

List of Free Microelectronics Courses and Classes

Microelectronics deal with exactly what it sounds like – very small electronics. For those who want to learn about the construction, maintenance and repair of microelectronics, there are free noncredit courses and classes available online from…

List of Free Online Accountancy Tutorials and Courses

An understanding of accountancy – the business function that deals with preparing and reading financial statements – is an asset in almost any career. Multiple classes are available for free to both students who want to learn the basics of…

List of Free Online Acting Courses, Classes, Lessons and Workshops

Learning acting without an in-person instructor can be challenging, but dedicated acting students can find free lessons, virtual workshops and acting tips online. Students can acquire basic performance skills and learn how to prepare for…

List of Free Online Airline Training Courses, Classes and Learning Materials

Free non-credit courses in airline training are available online. Courses cover airline operations and efficient scheduling of aircraft and flight crews, with learning material drawn from previous classes given at the Massachusetts Institute of…

List of Free Online Algebra Courses and Lessons

There are many free online resources for students who wish to learn and study algebra. MIT offers numerous OpenCourseWare classes on a variety of algebraic topics, while other universities provide lecture material and online resources.

List of Free Online American History Courses and Classes

Many of the free American history courses available on the Internet come from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and its participation in the OpenCourseWare (OCW) project. Courses may cover American history in broad terms or discuss…

List of Free Online American Sign Language Training Programs

Learning American Sign Language (ASL) online through a free program can be convenient, and students can choose from video resources, online dictionaries and step-by-step visual tutorials. ASL University is a popular resource, Michigan State…

List of Free Online Animal Care Courses

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Tufts University and the University of Washington offer non-credit animal care courses online and free of charge. These Internet classes, some of which include video lectures, may have science, history…

List of Free Online Anthropology Courses and Learning Materials

Several free online anthropology courses are offered by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) through the OpenCouseWare (OCW) initiative. Utah State University, the University of Notre Dame and the University of California at Irvine are…

List of Free Online Arabic Courses and Classes

Many free online Arabic classes and tutorials are designed for beginners but are adaptable for more advanced speakers. They include instruction in reading and writing Arabic script, and often feature audio guides to pronunciation. Some sites…

List of Free Online Archaeology Courses and Classes

Online free archaeology courses investigate the history of civilizations through excavations of historical sites and the archaeological record. Universities offering free online archaeology courses include the Massachusetts Institute of…

List of Free Online Aromatherapy Courses and Classes

The Technical University of Madrid offers an OpenCourseWare (OCW) class that includes information pertaining to aromatherapy, among other information about aromatic or medicinal plants. Aromatherapy enthusiasts may find that this free,…

List of Free Online Art Courses, Lessons and Tutorials

Free online art courses can teach concepts and techniques in perspective, shading and computer modeling. Students can also learn about art history and criticism from home. These non-credit resources are offered free from schools such as the…

List of Free Online Art History Courses, Lectures and Learning Materials

Free online art history classes are offered by the University of Utah, the Fashion Institute of Technology and Yale University. Course topics include studies of Roman and Italian art and architecture, as well as an overview of artistic criticism…

List of Free Online Astronomy Courses, Classes and Learning Materials

Students interested in studying astronomy can access online courses at the introductory and advanced levels. Free online astronomy courses and course materials are available through several leading institutions, including the Massachusetts…

List of Free Online AutoCAD Courses and Schools

Only one of the AutoCAD tutorials listed in this article is offered by a university. The majority are online resources that have been made available by AutoCAD professionals.

List of Free Online Aviation Courses, Lectures and Learning Materials

Aviation buffs can access university courses on the subject through OpenCourseWare (OCW). These free, online aviation courses cover topics such as flight aptitude, aircraft systems engineering, aircraft stability and aerodynamics.

List of Free Online Bank Teller Classes and Education Programs

A bank teller can advance his or her knowledge of the profession by studying mathematics, financial planning and financial statement preparation. Free classes, available via the Internet, cover these and other money management topics useful to…

List of Free Online Biology Courses and Classes

Online biology courses include basic and advanced classes covering a range of topics within the field of biology, from cellular functions to population and the environment. Free online biology courses are available through several universities,…

List of Free Online Biostatistics Courses and Classes

Free online biostatistics courses are available via the OpenCourseWare (OCW) program that involves academic institutions, such as Tufts University and the John Hopkins School of Public Health. These OCW classes on biostatistics are open to the…

List of Free Online Biotechnology Courses and Classes

Biotechnology is the study of living organisms and their application to medicine, technology and engineering. Online biotechnology courses are available through several leading universities around the world, including the Massachusetts Institute…

List of Free Online Bookkeeping Courses and Classes

As bookkeeping and accounting are closely related, students can learn about bookkeeping fundamentals from a variety of accounting classes. The following courses have information for the prospective bookkeeper which can be completed at his or her…

List of Free Online Business Courses and Training Programs

A range of skills useful to business executives can be acquired through free Internet classes. These courses introduce students to business planning, management, marketing, accounting and finance.

List of Free Online Business Management Courses and Classes

Anyone interested in pursuing free studies in business management may access OpenCourseWare (OCW) materials from schools such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Yale University and University of California, Irvine. Covering…

List of Free Online Business Writing Courses and Classes

For students interested in improving their business writing skills, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) offers free OpenCourseWare (OCW) classes online. Courses are available at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

List of Free Online CAD Courses and Training Programs

These free online computer-aided design (CAD) courses and materials introduce the student to computer modeling techniques and design practices. The materials available through OpenCourseWare programs at MIT are most helpful to students seeking…

List of Free Online Cake Decorating Classes, Courses and Learning Materials

The art of cake decorating can be learned through online classes that include text, video or audio learning materials. Course materials are available for free from the Culinary Institute of America, King Arthur Flour Company, Inc. and Wilton…

List of Free Online Calculus Courses and Lessons

All of the free online calculus courses and lessons listed in this article are offered by universities participating in the OpenCourseWare (OCW) project. Calculus topics covered in these courses range from introductory calculus to single and…

List of Free Online Carpentry Courses, Classes and Learning Materials

Carpentry and woodworking are ancient practices in which students learn how to build, shape and manipulate various wooden materials into furniture, decorations and numerous other things. Read on to see some interesting courses and materials that…

List of Free Online Cartooning Lessons and Learning Materials

The tutorials listed in this article are aimed towards learners who want to know the basics of cartooning. Users learn how to draw famous cartoon characters as well as different styles and genres.

List of Free Online Child Care Courses and Classes

Free online child care courses are offered by the University of Arkansas as well as Brigham Young University. These universities are not members of the OpenCourseWare (OCW) project and may require that users create a free account before using…

List of Free Online Child Development Courses, Classes and Learning Materials

The child development courses listed in this article address the topic from sociological, psychological and parenting perspectives. All of these free courses are available in an OpenCourseWare (OCW) format.

List of Free Online Chinese Language Courses and Video Lessons

Online Chinese language courses make use of video and audio materials to teach students at all speaking levels. Chinese language students can access courses through the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Utah State University.

List of Free Online Christian Counseling Courses

Students interested in learning about Christian counseling can find free courses available on the Internet. In addition to counseling, these courses cover biblical and other religious topics.

List of Free Online Cinematography Classes, Lessons and Course Materials

Cinematography involves the overall look of a film, including lighting, camera angle choices and other aspects of filmmaking. Courses in cinematography include workshops, which may take place in an outside setting and labs where students learn to…

List of Free Online Civil Engineering Courses and Classes

Students interested in the diverse field of civil engineering can take a variety of free online courses. Classes provide lecture notes and occasionally video lectures on topics such as building construction, water treatment, database management,…

List of Free Online CNA Courses and Classes

A Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) administers aid and care to the elderly, infirm and sick. Typically, CNAs become certified or registered by taking an examination administered by the state. Here are some free online courses that may be of…

List of Free Online Coach Courses and Certificates

Free online courses in athletic coaching are generally unavailable. However, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) offers several management-based leadership concepts that may be of interest to coaching-minded individuals. MIT is a…

List of Free Online Commercial Art and Design Courses and Learning Materials

Commercial art and design is the study of art, illustration and media as they relate to commercial products and manufactured goods. Read on to see a list of free online courses in this field.

List of Free Online Communications Courses and Classes

The free online communication courses listed in this article cover topics such as urban planning and technology. These courses are made available by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University of Massachusetts at Boston.

List of Free Online Computer Courses and Tutorials

A majority of the computer courses and tutorials listed in this article are made available to the general public by the OpenCourseWare (OCW) project. These computer courses and tutorials cover common software applications, Mac OS and the Internet.

List of Free Online Computer Engineering Courses and Classes

Students interested in computer engineering can learn from several online classes free of charge. Classes are offered through Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s (MIT) OpenCourseWare (OCW) program. Although many of these classes assume…

List of Free Online Computer Forensics Courses and Classes

Computer forensics is a part of crime scene investigation that uses technology to analyze data and computer-based evidence. Students considering entering the field of computer forensics or enhancing their career training may take advantage of…

List of Free Online Computer Graphics Courses and Classes

Students interested in computer graphics can find free online courses. Utah State University and Tufts University both offer free classes in the subject, and Stanford University offers a topical lecture on the subject.

List of Free Online Computer Hardware Courses and Classes

Those interested in learning about the technology behind computer hardware can take free courses available online through Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), The Open University and University of California – Berkeley. Lessons are…

List of Free Online Computer Maintenance Courses and Classes

Keeping up on regular maintenance makes a computer run faster and improves functionality. Here are some computer maintenance courses available for free online.

List of Free Online Computer Repair Courses and Classes

As computers age, their hardware and software continually need updates, repair and maintenance in order to function at maximum capacity. Here are some of the free courses in this field that can be found online.

List of Free Online Computer Science Courses and Classes

A student with little or no computer background can learn about computer hardware and software systems through noncredit online computer science classes and courses. Detailed analysis of data formatting and processing helps students understand…

List of Free Online Computerized Bookkeeping Training Programs

Bookkeeping courses offered free of charge via the Internet tend to focus personal finance, as opposed to business bookkeeping, and cover topics such as credit, debt, insurance and financial assets. These courses are made available to the public…

List of Free Online Construction Courses and Learning Materials

These free online construction courses and materials offer guidance on design, sourcing materials and labor, business strategy and marketing considerations for construction projects. Students learn energy and ecological considerations for…

List of Free Online Continuing Education for Business Professionals

Online continuing education courses are available to business professionals for free and cover topics like finance, project management, ethics, corporate governance and globalization. Several business classes are offered by The Open University…

List of Free Online Cooking Classes, Courses and Learning Materials

For the person who would like to learn how to cook, but does not require course credits or a degree, there are a myriad of free classes, courses and learning materials available online. Students can expect to learn how to cook healthy, quick…

List of Free Online Courses for Educators

Many free Web-based courses are available for educators. By utilizing video lectures and free reading material, educators can learn how to further enhance the classroom experience and increase the efficiency of the educational process. Courses…

List of Free Online Courses for Fire Fighters

Fire fighters who want to take free online courses can do so through the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Weber State University and Utah State University. These courses offer Web-published materials that are aimed at working or…

List of Free Online Courses for International Business

Free online courses for international business are offered by universities participating in the OpenCourseWare (OCW) project. These universities include Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the University of California at Irvine.

List of Free Online Courses in 3D Multimedia

Beginning and advanced multimedia designers can take advantage of free online courses that involve 3D projects. Students learn about computer programming, graphic design, animation and architecture.

List of Free Online Courses in Education Leadership

Students interested in free education leadership courses online can participate in virtual lectures. Audio materials are accessible through the District Leaders Podcast series and video lectures can be accessed through University of California…

List of Free Online CPR Courses, Classes and Tutorials

Free online tutorials, classes and courses on CPR are rare. The University of Washington offers some free materials, such as CPR guides and videos, for those wishing to learn the basics of cardiopulmonary resuscitation. There are a wide variety…

List of Free Online Creative Writing Courses, Classes and Workshops

Creative writing courses and lectures available online cover a range of topics intended to enhance students’ writing skills. Topics explored include writing poetry, journals and a variety of fiction, from novels to short stories. Massachusetts…

List of Free Online Criminal Justice Courses, Classes and Training Programs

Schools that participate in the OpenCourseWare (OCW) consortium of universities make available some of their courses to the general public. All of the free online criminal justice courses discussed in this article are OCW materials that explore…

List of Free Online Criminology Courses and Classes

Law and society, juvenile delinquency and criminal punishment modes are a few of the topics covered in online criminology courses. These free criminology classes are offered by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and University of…

List of Free Online Customer Service Classes and Lessons

Free Internet courses in customer service are available from a couple of universities. Massachusetts Institute of Technology offers a class through the OpenCourseWare system, and Stanford University offers a video lecture on the subject.

List of Free Online Data Entry Courses and Lessons

Data entry is the process of putting data into a computer, which can be done by typing or scanning, as well as using voice recognition software. Jobs associated with data entry include a data entry clerk, word processor, typist, coder,…

List of Free Online Design Courses, Lessons and Tutorials

Free online design courses and lectures are available in multiple design disciplines at both the undergraduate and graduate level. Though they do not award grades or credits, students learn about various design principles through online lecture…

List of Free Online Dispatcher Training Programs

Dispatchers are men and women who transmit messages and signals over airwaves. They also work in call centers for the police, fire and ambulance stations. They are generally trained by their employer, but there are a few online resources…

List of Free Online Earth Science Courses and Classes

Earth science is concerned with the natural environment, from the soil underneath our feet to the air we breathe. Several schools offer free online audio or video courses and lectures in topics such as earthquakes, geology and soil science.

List of Free Online Economics Degrees and Courses

There are no free economics degrees offered online. Non-credit personal enrichment courses, however, are available free of charge. A majority of these courses are offered by MIT through the OpenCourseWare (OCW) initiative. However, OCW economics…

List of Free Online Editing Courses

Students can improve their writing skills by browsing the free editing course materials offered by several universities and websites. No tuition or registration is required for most courses, although some websites might suggest purchasing a…

List of Free Online Education and Professional Development Options

Individuals looking to gain new knowledge or enhance their existing understanding of a particular field or subject can do so for free online, through non-credit courses from a number of schools throughout the world. Domestic schools, like the…

List of Free Online Electrical Training Courses and Learning Materials

Free online electrical training courses are available courtesy of the OpenCourseWare (OCW) project. Topics covered in these courses include teaching the fundamentals of electronics, electrical engineering and the electrical systems of automobiles.

List of Free Online Electrician Courses, Classes and Learning Materials

Electricians maintain and repair electrical circuitry and equipment. Here are some free online courses that explore necessary skills for electricians.

List of Free Online English Courses and Workshops

Students who want to improve their writing, expand upon their literary knowledge or examine language history can choose from multiple free English resources online. Many universities, including Yale University, The Open University, Utah State…

List of Free Online English Literature Courses and Schools

Students interested in taking free online literature classes can select from OpenCourseWare classes that provide overviews of literature as well as in-depth looks at specific genres, authors and time periods. The majority of free classes are…

List of Free Online Epidemiology Courses

Online epidemiology courses cover topics ranging from infectious disease to mental and reproductive health. Many free online epidemiology courses are available through Johns Hopkins University, as well as through several other schools like Tufts…

List of Free Online Fashion Design Courses, Classes and Learning Materials

Free online fashion design courses and learning materials allow students to study the historical, social and cultural trends of clothing and apparel design. Free fashion design classes are available through OpenCourseWare websites hosted by…

List of Free Online Film Courses and Learning Materials

Online film courses cover a variety of topics on film and its relationship to the arts, society and culture. The majority of free online film courses are available through the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), but students can also…

List of Free Online Finance Courses and Classes

Individuals interested in finance can find free online courses offered by several U.S. universities. These finance courses provide material to users who wish to learn about various aspects of the field, ranging from personal finance to corporate…

List of Free Online Financial Management Courses

OpenCourseWare (OCW) financial management classes allow users to access course content material on the Web for no charge. Financial management courses discussed in this article cover finance as it relates to businesses and personal use of money.

List of Free Online French Language Lessons and Courses

Free online French language lessons and courses combine audio, video and printed materials to teach basic French. Most free French courses are aimed at beginning or intermediate French learners.

List of Free Online Game Programming and Development Courses

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Utah State University and Tufts University all offer OpenCourseWare (OCW) classes suited for those who wish to learn about game programming. Stanford University offers free video lectures on the subject.

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List of Free Online Theology Courses and Learning Materials

The OpenCourseWare (OCW) project has made online theology courses and learning materials available to the public and at no cost. These theology courses cover topics like the foundational theology, Catholic moral theology and Latino theology.

List of Free Online TV Repair Courses and Learning Materials

A variety of online resources are available for those interested in television repair. Free articles and course lesson plans covering TV repair and maintenance are published on the Internet.

List of Free Online Typing Courses and Practice Programs

Free online typing course materials allow beginners to learn the basics of typing or practice beginning skills. These free online practice programs may consist of several lessons.

List of Free Online Ultrasound Courses

Students who want to complete Ultrasound CME (Continuing Medical Education) classes without spending the money for credits can work through several tutorials online. Although online students will not have access to laboratory equipment through…

List of Free Online Upholstery Lessons and Classes

Online users learning upholstery or working on specific projects can find several free video demonstrations and photo lessons. Most videos are offered by experienced craftspeople and furniture makers, and focus on individual projects.

List of Free Online Video Technology Courses

A number of schools across the country offer free courses in a variety of video technology areas, including filmmaking, video editing, using a green screen and more. These courses offer informative tips on the techniques used for operating…

List of Free Online World History Courses and Classes

Many of the free courses and classes on the topic of world history approach the subject in both broad and specific terms. Free online world history courses and classes allow users to learn about the subject at a self-directed pace from any location.

List of Free Plumbing Courses and Classes

Plumbers are required to complete on-site training and be licensed. Therefore, there are no free online courses in plumbing. However, some websites offer homeowners troubleshooting tutorials and instructional videos. This information can be used…

List of Free Small Engine Repair Courses

The teaching of engine repair is very much a hands-on process, and few free online courses are dedicated to the subject. MIT offers OpenCourseWare (OCW) classes that may help potential engine repair technicians better understand how engines…

List of Free Tourism Courses and Classes

Free online tourism courses and lectures may cover the field of tourism from a management, business or historical perspective, but other topics may be discussed. University of California, Irvine, University of Southern Queensland, Australia and…

List of Free Veterinary Classes and Courses Available Online

A few universities offer a sampling of their veterinary coursework in the form of free online courses and classes. Topics cover a broad range of subjects, including the role of animals in ethics and law, zoological medicine, animal respiratory…

List of Free Wireless Technology Systems Courses and Classes

Wireless technology has applications ranging from cell phone communication to biomedical device design. Free courses on these applications are available via OpenCourseWare, mainly from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and…

List of Schools with Free Online Tax Preparation Courses

Free online courses related to tax preparation are available through some universities, and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) also offers instruction on a variety of tax-related topics. Lessons may incorporate audio, video and reading materials….

Sites Offering Free Linux Courses Online

Students who want to know more about Linux, a computer operating system available to the public free of charge, can take free online courses through OpenCourseWare programs offered by colleges, universities and some companies. Here is a list of…

Universities with the Best Free Online Courses

No tuition money? No problem! There are many top universities that offer free courses online. This list ranks several of the best free university courses available for people who want to enhance their personal knowledge or advance in their…

Websites Offering Free Online Unix Tutorials

Unix is a multi-user computer operating system which involves trademarked programs and is available for free use on the Internet. Read on to see the free Web content offered for instruction on the Unix system.

Where to Find Free Apple Computer Courses, Seminars and Tutorials

Apple computer users – from first-time owners to veteran users – can take advantage of free online course materials and tutorials. Learning opportunities are available through OpenCourseWare (OCW) programs and even from Apple itself.

Where to Find Free Math Courses Online

Taking a math course doesn’t have to be expensive. There are many colleges, universities and other educational institutions that offer free math courses online.

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Situs Mata Kuliah Online Gratis dari Universitas Terkemuka di Dunia

sumber :

Di era teknologi komunikasi ini, jarak bukan menjadi kendala untuk mendapatkan sumber pembelajaran. Melalui teknologi komunikasi yang berkembang pesat, setiap orang dapat berkomunikasi real-time dengan orang yang berada di benua lain. Begitu juga dalam bidang pendidikan. Cara-cara tradisional dimana guru harus mengajar hanya dalam satu kelas bersama dengan siswanya mulai berganti. Hanya dengan satu unit pc yang disambungkan dengan internet maka siswa dapat mempelajari pelajaran yang telah disharingkan melalui beberapa situs pendidikan online.

Beberapa universitas terkemuka di Amerika telah mengambil bagian dalam membagi mata kuliah mereka secara online. Bahkan beberapa dari universitas ini membaginya secara cuma-cuma. Melalui beberapa situs pendidikan online ini banyak mahasiswa yang belum pernah mendapat mata kuliah yang diajarkan di universitas tersebut dapat mempelajari mata kuliah itu secara virtual. Adapun situs-situs tersebut adalah :

1. MIT OpenCourseWare

MIT OpenCourseWare (OCW) adalah publikasi berbasis web dari seluruh mata kuliah MIT. OCW terbuka dan tersedia untuk seluruh belahan dunia.
Beberapa hal penting tentang OCW adalah :
-OCW bukanlah salah satu jenis sekolah atau pendidikan dari MIT
-OCW tidak mengeluarkan gelar atau sertifikat
-OCW tidak menyediakan akses kepada fakultas di MIT
-Materi yang diberikan tidak sepenuhnya materi yang diberikan di materi kuliah MIT.

Tidak diperlukan proses registrasi untuk menjelajahi situs ini. Hampir seluruh departemen menyediakan mata kuliahnya melalui situs ini. Beberapa departemen itu antara lain arsitektur, biologi, teknik kimia, ekonomi, teknik sipil, ilmu politik, seni dan departemen lainnya. Pengunjung juga dapat ambil bagian untuk meneruskan program ini melalui donasi yang tertera di situs ini.

2. edX

Meskipun baru diluncurkan pada tanggal 2 Mei 2012, situs ini merupakan kerjasama antara Massachusetts Institue of Technology (MIT) dan Harvard University yang menawarkan pendidikan online kepada jutaan orang di seluruh dunia secara gratis. Melalui kerjasama ini, diharapkan kedua institusi dapat memperluas jangkauan mereka kepada komunitas global pelajar dan meningkatkan pendidikan bagi setiap orang.
EdX berasaskan pada cara situs MITx, sebuah platform teknologi dari MIT yang didesain untuk menyediakan mata kuliah secara online. Versi ini meliputi video pembelajaran, ujian, feedback real-time, peringkat dari pertanyaan dan jawaban mahasiswa, kolaborasi laboratorium berbasis web.
Kursus pertama akan diumumkan pada musim panas 2012 dan dibuka pada musim gugur 2012.

3. Ecorner

The Stanford Technology Ventures Program (STVP) Entrepreneurship Corner adalah salah satu situs sumber pengajaran dan pembelajaran tentang kewirausahaan. Misi dari proyek ini adalah mendukung dan menunjang fakultas di seluruh dunia yang mengajar kewirausahaan kepada ilmuwan dan teknisi masa depan juga manajemen dan disiplin ilmu lainnya. Situs ini dibangun oleh tim yang dinamis yang diisi oleh pengajar, wirausaha, teknisi dan perancang dari
Stanford Technology Ventures Program (STVP).

Proyek ini sepenuhnya didukung secara finansial oleh Universitas Stanford dan beberapa donatur. STVP juga mendukung riset akademis pada dunia kewirausahaan berbasis teknologi dan mengajar mata kuliah ilmu pengetahuan dalam lingkup yang luas untuk mahasiswa teknik dan sains. Usaha-usaha yang dilakukan ecorner lainnya adalah konferensi tahunan, kolaborasi kampus secara luas dan diseminasi isi mata kuliah melalui situs Ecorner.

4. Udacity

Udacity adalah salah satu situs pendidikan online setingkat universitas yang gratis. Diisi oleh pengajar dari Stanford University dan pengajar dari beberapa universitas terkemuka lainnya. Tiga pendirinya yaitu David Stavens, Mike Sokolosky dan Sebastian Thrun percaya bahwa pendidikan tingkat perguruan tinggi dapat berkualitas tinggi dan murah dengan menggunakan internet. Hampir 160.000 mahasiswa yang berasal lebih dari 190 negara telah mendaftar untuk mata kuliah pertama yang diadakan oleh Udacity yaitu ”Introduction to Artificial Intelligence”. Kelas ini juga telah dipublikasikan oleh New York Times dua kali dan juga oleh beberapa media.

Beberapa mata kuliah yang ditawarkan Udacity adalah :
-CS101 dengan nama mata kuliah “Intro to Computer Science”
-CS212 dengan nama mata kuliah ”Design of Computer Programs”
-CS215 dengan nama mata kuliah ”Algorithms”
-CS221 dengan nama mata kuliah ”Logic and Discrete Mathematics”
-CS253 dengan nama mata kuliah ”Web Application Engineering”
-CS258 dengan nama mata kuliah ”Software Testing”
-CS262 dengan nama mata kuliah ”Programming Languages”
-CS 373 dengan nama mata kuliah ”Artificial Intelligence”
-CS 387 dengan nama mata kuliah ”Applied Cryptography”
-PH100 dengan nama mata kuliah ”Intro to Physics”
-ST101 dengan nama mata kuliah ”Introduction to Statistics”
Dan masih banyak mata kuliah lainnya yang disediakan oleh Udacity.

5. Coursera

Coursera adalah perusahaan berbasis sosial kewirausahaan yang bekerjasama dengan beberapa universitas ternama di seluruh dunia dan menyediakan mata kuliah online kepada setiap orang secara gratis. Coursera memandang masa depan dimana setiap universitas terkemuka mendidik bukan hanya ribuan mahasiswa tetapi jutaan mahasiswa. Dengan teknologi yang diterapkan Coursera memungkinkan profesor terbaik mengajar puluhan, ratusan bahkan ribuan mahasiswa.

Kelas yang ditawarkan Coursera didesain untuk membantu mahasiswa ahli pada mata kuliah tersebut. Ketika mahasiswa mengambil salah satu kelas, mahasiswa dapat diajari oleh profesor sekelas dunia, belajar sesuai dengan kecepatan mahasiswa dalam menyerap pelajaran, menguji pengetahuan mahasiswa dan memperkuat konsep melalui latihan interaktif. Ketika mahasiswa bergabung dalam satu mata kuliah maka mahasiswa tersebut telah terhubung dengan komunitas global dari ribuan mahasiswa yang mempelajari mata kuliah tersebut.
Dengan dasar pengajaran mata kuliah secara pedagogik, akan mempermudah mahasiswa mempelajari mata kuliah tersebut secara cepat dan efektif. Konsep ini diinspirasi oleh kerja beberapa ilmuwan yang membantu menajamkan pemahaman Coursera tentang teknik pedagogik kepada mahasiswa.

Situs ini didirikan oleh Daphne Koller dan Andrew Ng yang merupakan pengajar di Stanford University dan didanai oleh John Doerr dan Scott Sandell.
Beberapa universitas yang memberi kontribusi kepada situs ini adalah Princeton University, Stanford University, University of California Berkeley, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor dan University of Pennsylvania.

Adapun mata kuliah yang ditawarkan dari situs ini meliputi fakultas Mathematics and Statistics dari Princeton University, Computer Science, Mathematics and Statistics dari Stanford University , Healthcare, Medicine and Biology dari University of Pennsylvania, Mathematics and Statistics dari University of Pennsylvania, Computer Science dari Stanford University, Humanities and Social Sciences dari University of Michigan, Computer Science, Economics, Finance, and Business dari Stanford University, Economics, Finance, and Business dari University of Pennsylvania, Society, Networks, and Information dari University of Michigan dan masih banyak mata kuliah lainnya yang disediakan oleh Coursera.

6. Open Yale Courses

Open Yale Courses (OYC) menyediakan mata kuliah dan materi terpilih dari Universitas Yale kepada masyarakat umum secara gratis melalui internet. Mata kuliah yang disediakan antara lain ilmu sosial, biologi, fisika dan mata kuliah lainnya.

Pengunjung tidak harus melakukan registrasi dan Universitas Yale tidak akan menyediakan sertifikat, kredit ataupun gelar. Mata kuliah online ini diciptakan untuk masyarakat luas antara lain pelajar, pengajar, siswa maupun mahasiswa. Situs ini juga akan menyediakan mata kuliah dengan format audio dan video berkualitas tinggi, silabus, referensi dan contoh soal yang dapat diunduh.
Proyek ini dipimpin oleh Diana E. E. Kleiner, Dunham Professor of History of Art and Classics dan mantan Deputy Provost.

7. University of California at Berkeley’s Webcast

Webcast Berkeley adalah pelayanan dari kampus Berkeley untuk merekam dan mempublikasikan mata kuliah dan acara-acara khusus kepada mahasiswa dan pengajar di seluruh dunia baik dalam format video maupun audio. Webcast Berkeley diluncurkan mulai tahun 2001. Untuk dapat mengakses situs ini, setiap pengunjung harus melalui proses registrasi.

8. MITx

MIT berencana meluncurkan platform terbuka bagi kelas online gratis, lengkap dengan sertifikasi bagi siapa saja yang kompeten terhadap mata kuliah yang diambilnya yang disebut MITx. Situs ini akan diluncurkan untuk versi prototype paling cepat musim semi 2012. Selain MITx sebenarnya MIT telah mempublikasikan beberapa proyek pengajaran mata kuliah online secara gratis seperti OpenCourseWare(OCW) namun MITx memiliki beberapa perbedaan dengan situs sebelumnya.

Beberapa perbedaan itu antara lain setiap mahasiswa yang telah menyelesaikan mata kuliah dari MITx berhak mendapatkan sertifikat dari lembaga non profit, walaupun wacana ini masih dalam tahap perencanaan.

Dari beberapa situs ini diharapkan banyak mahasiswa terutama mahasiswa Indonesia menambah pengetahuan tentang mata kuliah yang diterima di kampus secara global. Bahkan dapat memperkaya sumber materi pengajaran bagi dosen-dosen yang mengajar mata kuliah yang ditawarkan dari kedelapan situs ini. Melalui beberapa situs perintis ini bukan tidak mungkin nantinya setiap orang dapat kuliah secara gratis dengan mata kuliah berkualitas tinggi dan diakui secara global.

Sumber : _

9. The Open University

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Toho Komputer – Jual OS Windows Original

Minggu, 27 Maret 2011

Toho Komputer – Jual OS Windows Original



Sudah 2 minggu saya memakai Window 7 Home Premium 64 bit OEM original.

Saya beli dengan harga Rp. 1.250.000,- dari TOHO Komputer yang terletak di Pasar Bersama Sorong.

Windows baru, saya beli juga harddisk baru. Harddisk  Seagate 1 Terrabyte seharga Rp. 645.000,-

Instalasi Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit sangatlah mudah dan praktis.

tidak terlalu lama sudah terinstalasi. Yang begitu baik untuk para awam komputer.

Dengan menginstal Windows 7 semua driver yang ada secara default dikenail sistem akan diinstalkan.


Semangat untuk menggunakan Windows Original. Adapun alasannya karena  di Laptop Toshiba Satellite A50 saya yang sudah mati total terinstal Windows XP Home Edition. Saya update apa saja waktu komputer error, bisa bertahan. Intinya mencari perbaikan dengan Windows Original dapat dilakukan dengan baik. Karena ada support dari Microsoft.

Setelah menginstal Windows 7, Saya menginstal Kaspersky Antivirus 2011 .

Pertama kali yang harus saya lakukan adalah Update Windows 7 dan Update Kaspersky Antivirus dulu agar sistem menjadi terbaru.

Dengan berberkal modem SpeedUp dan Kartu Telkomsel Simpati dan pulsa 100rb beli paket internet 500 Mb.

Ternyata Update Kaspersky Antivirus 2011 lama sekali. karena ternyata database yang ada dalam program adalah database dari pertengahan tahun 2010. Jadi untuk update ke database terbaru lama sekali. Dengan model seadanya dan kondisi signal di Kota Sorong. Saya menghabiskan 4 hari. Dengan perharinya komputer nyala 5 – 8 jam.

Sekarang lagi dalam posisi Download Microsoft Security Essential. Tapi terdeteksi oleh sistem dengan antivirus kaspersky. Microsoft Essential merupakan program jahat ?.  Jadi pertanyaan juga ini. Download menggunakan Google Chrome. Apakah yang mendeteksi Google Chromenya atau Antivirus Kaspersky yaa…

Modal Awal Sistem Baru sudah selesai….

Tugas selanjutkan – merapikan data – data dari harddisk – harddisk yang ada.

Ada yang tau pake program apa agar data dikomputer terlihat rapi dan bersemangat untuk mengaksesnya lagi…


Belajar untuk menggunakan Original Software, kalau tidak punya original. download yang freeware.

Belajar Rapi.. mulai dari hal kecil dan mulai dari sekarang…

Belajar untuk menulis. Karena dengan menulis, dapat mengingat dan dapat dibaca lagi oleh diri sendiri dan orang lain.










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yxplayer for Android

Selamat Malam,

Kembali mencari aplikasi Android.

Android di ePadku : Versi 1.74.

Device : ePad : AMETHYST PAD

Lagi berencana mendownload yxplayer ini.

Belum ada hasil mencoba…

Bersambung ……


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flex on your Linux

What’s up man.

Flex on your Linux

download here for The Flex Studio:

Read More The Documentation

Happy Flex


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Cari Software buat Linux – GNOME kamu di

Untuk melengkapi software yang aku perlukan untuk seluruh kegiatanku di atas LINUX – GNOME aku….

aku download di

Jadi, siapa takut gunakan Linux……

Semoga Link ini berguna buat teman – teman yang mencari sumber software.

Terima kasih


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